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Doctor Testifies He Assumed Facts in Peterson Case

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Prosecutors have extracted a key admission from a witness critical to Scott Peterson´s murder defense.

Doctor Charles March testified earlier that he calculated Laci Peterson´s unborn child probably died on December 29th, 2002 — or five days after the pregnant woman had vanished.

But under cross-examination, March admitted his position was also based in part on anecdotal evidence of when Laci Peterson told a friend that she was pregnant.

March said he assumed Peterson revealed her condition based on a home pregnancy test, but admitted he had jumped to that assumption after acknowledging it wasn´t part of any medical records.

The judge in Scott Peterson´s murder trial has told jurors they will be sequestered for deliberations that are set to begin November third.

The jurors have been free to go home throughout the duration of the five-month-old trial in Redwood City.

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