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DUI Simulation Hits Home At Sonora High

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With all of the somber faces and chilling images, a bystander would have thought it was a real drunk driving wreck.

But yesterday´s scenario on School Street by Sonora High School was a carefully-orchestrated simulation of a bloody DUI crash, complete with real emergency crews, a helicopter, and the Jaws of Life.

A student was the simulated drunk driver, who was quickly taken into custody by officers on the scene.

Stephanie Jones was one of the students who saw Monday´s scenario firsthand, and says it will remind her to act in the future, should friends fail to stop and think.

“It was a very strong view to show what can happen in a car accident with drunk driver,” Jones said, adding “I would tell [my friends], after seeing this, that it´s an experience they should understand, that drinking and driving is very dangerous.”

After the intense morning exhibit was over, CHP officers, accompanied by the Grim Reaper, took volunteer students from their classes every fifteen minutes.

The goal was to remind Sonora High students just how often a victim is killed in a drunk driving accident.