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Calaveras Considers New Cell Towers

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Cingular, commission clash over towers

By Vanessa Turner

The recent merger between AT&T Wireless and Cingular Wireless could soon mean more service bars for local customers.

AT&T continues to build up its infrastructure along Highway 49 as new cell towers are being proposed to the Calaveras County Planning Commission Thursday.

The first tower would be 80 feet tall on Howard Lane off Highway 26 in Mokelumne Hill on property owned by Darrel and Patricia Byrd of Jackson.

The second tower would be 100 feet tall on Highway 49 at Carson Hill Mine. The landowner is Sutton Enterprises of Vallecito.

Both owners will receive a lease payment from AT&T for use of a 40 by 40-foot piece of land.

These are the last few towers that will be considered by the commission. The Board of Supervisors voted last year to turn over cell tower approval power to the Planning Director.

The two towers being considered were submitted before that and are subject to the approval of the commission, Planner John Andersen said.

In October AT&T Wireless merged with Cingular Wireless. Prior to that Cingular, had put up eight towers along Highway 49.

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