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Message To Visitors From Calaveras Sheriff DiBasilio

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San Andreas, CA — Local law enforcement officials in the region have been urging people to take the “Stay At Home” order seriously, and avoid all unnecessary travel to the area.

We reported yesterday about the stance of the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office, and today Calaveras County Sheriff Rick DiBasilio issued a similar plea.

You can read it below:

To all non-essential visitors to Calaveras County. The purpose of this message is to notify you to stay home.

We implore all persons in and around Calaveras County who do not either reside here or provide essential services, to recognize the impact that the population increase due to visitation has on our community and health care system. Now is not the time to come to our community. If you are visiting for the day or short term, please respect our request to return to your primary place of residence. If we all do not practice STRICT social distancing and self-quarantine, we will suffer grave consequences. We cannot support recreation, visitation, close proximity, or non-essential public interaction right now. There is no other alternative and this must be accomplished now. If you want Calaveras County to remain the vacation getaway it has been in the past, we all must act to ensure a speedy recovery.

There is nowhere to recreate as all recreational areas have been shut down and closed due to the COVID-19 virus. Please stay at your primary residence, recreate in your backyard. If you do not, it will be a long time until we flatten the curve and slow or stop the spread of this virus. Once that happens, we will be able to go back to our normal lives.

Calaveras County’s demographics includes many senior citizens. Their risk is increased if they are exposed to COVID-19.

My staff is isolating themselves on their time off so that we may be here to serve those who need us. Recently we have had to respond to calls that were unnecessary due to visitors not following the advice given by CDC and our County Health Officer. You will be putting my staff, your public safety and their families in danger from unnecessary exposure.

Please, wash your hands, sanitize surfaces, avoid touching your face and please stay home unless it is necessary.

Thank You

Rick DiBasilio, Sheriff
Calaveras County