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Primary Election Vote Counting Continues In Mother Lode

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Sonora, CA — Both Tuolumne and Calaveras election officials relay an estimated 4 to 5,000 or more ballots to be counted.

Tuolumne County now has results for just over 65 percent of the votes cast, which did not change any of the race outcomes. (Click here for the latest election results for both counties.) Tuolumne County Clerk and Auditor-Controller Debi Bautista reports that they have to process all the vote by mail ballots received except for about 500 to 1,000. With excitement she notes, “We are down to the wire. We have 225 conditional votes to process, but we have to wait until we’ve processed all of the ballots. We plan to finish processing everything by Friday evening that would be the conditional voters and all incoming mail.”

Calaveras County Registrar of Voters Rebecca Turner reports that there are 4,000 ballots left to process including another 1,000 mailed ballots received on Wednesday.  She details, “Nearly all of those the signatures have been verified so starting tomorrow we be opening them and beginning to scan the ballots to get our results. Our goal is to have them done by Friday, but it’s possible we’ll have them done by tomorrow night.”

Turner instructs that the official results will be posted after the certification of the election while stating that the goal is to certify the election by March 16th. Bautista has also set a timeframe of certification for some time within the next two weeks.