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What are some of the things I can do to make sure my surgery will go well?

My quick answer is ask questions, ask questions, ask questions. Start at the physician’s office when you have your pre-op appointment.

A nurse will call you the day before surgery, provide you with specific instructions, answer your questions, and ask questions about your medical history. Make sure to give detailed information about your medical history including current medications and supplements you are taking. This will allow for good communication with your anesthesiologist and ensure he or she has all the details necessary for safe anesthesia.

If you have more questions, write a list of the questions and bring it with you the day of surgery. In pre-op, patients often forget some of the questions they had.

Have a support person with you who can provide transportation, help you remember and follow discharge instructions and make sure you get home safely with all of the items you will need for recovery.

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