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How are sleep disorders diagnosed?

Completing a thorough history and exam, your doctor will look for any physical abnormalities that may be causing your sleep problem. You might be asked to keep a log for a few weeks to track your sleep pattern, diet, stressors, and any other factors that could contribute to your sleep problem.

Insomnia is a common symptom of depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions; your doctor may also complete a mental health exam to help with the diagnosis.

Discuss all of your symptoms with your physician. If your sleep partner has noticed any unusual behaviors or breathing patterns while you are sleeping, be sure to discuss those events with your doctor as well. Some patients may require a sleep study to diagnose their sleep disorder. Sleep studies are usually done in a sleep lab, using multiple monitoring devices that measure breathing, oxygen levels, and movement. There are also portable sleep monitoring systems that can be used at home.

Physical, mental or environmental factors can all affect sleep. By diagnosing the specific causes of your sleep disorder, your doctor will be able to create a treatment plan  specific to your situation.

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