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What can I do to physically and emotionally prepare for child birth?

Taking classes is critical. In our preparing for childbirth classes, we don’t just teach about breathing, we teach about the whole process of childbirth, covering all topics of care that can occur during childbirth. This way nothing is a surprise and parents are prepared for anything that can happen. Expecting parents should sign up for classes around 20 to 22 weeks into pregnancy; parents who wait longer than that might miss out on the class by the time the baby is due. Pregnant mothers should always follow their doctor’s orders. For some, exercise might not be an option but for the majority who can exercise, staying in shape is an important preparation for birth. Patients who are obese or out of shape often have more difficult labor and childbirth. Following a good diet and exercising as much as your physician recommends is not only good for mom but great for baby as well.

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