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Do I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled?

A healthy tooth in proper alignment with healthy gum tissue does not need to be removed. Frequently, there is not enough space for wisdom teeth to grow and they just push their way around to find space. Other teeth may also have difficulty finding a good space to grow into, but wisdom teeth have a reputation. When wisdom teeth obviously are growing into a bad position, dentists often recommend they be removed when the patient is 16 or 17 years of age.

Young bone is less rigid and the roots are not fully formed allowing for a less traumatic surgery. Impacted teeth have nowhere to grow. They are in unhealthy positions and sometimes covered completely with bone. In these cases they should be removed as conveniently as possible.

Prior to surgery, it is common to have a consultation with your oral surgeon. At this point a decision is made for the most appropriate setting for your procedure – office, surgery center or hospital operating room. The majority of these procedures are performed in an office setting. We are fortunate to have excellent facilities and trained professionals in the Sonora area.

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