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What kind of health services can be provided in the home?

Many skilled services can be obtained in the home for those patients who meet the homebound criteria, have a skilled medical need and a referral by a physician; these criteria are set by Medicare. Services offered include skilled nursing for ongoing assessment, education about disease processes to help patients avoid hospitalizations, medication management, I.V. therapy, wound care, catheter care and maintenance. Physical therapy helps patients recovering from joint replacements and strokes and helps patients maximize functional ability when a chronic illness is involved. Occupational therapy works to maximize the patient or caregiver’s ability to achieve activities of daily living, for example the act of eating using adapted equipment after a stroke. Speech therapists help teach swallowing techniques after a stroke, help with cognitive training, and of course communication techniques. Last but never least is the home health aide, under the direction of a nurse or therapist, who provides personal care and bathing. These skills are provided as long as the skilled need is medically warranted. Our goal is to get the patients back into the community and living a fruitful life.

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