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Multimedia is a website with great depth, and offers a lot more than what is on the home page, or first page where the headlines for developing local news stories and other news stories are. In the multimedia section we offer sources of information from a variety of external places all hosted here.

  • Audio- Our weekly On-Air programs are archived in the audio section. Mother Lode Views is a weekly, 30 minute program created by the KVML news room discussing ‘hot topics’ in the Mother Lode. Guests interviewed include local representatives of Calfire, School Superintendents, County Supervisors and many other officials involved in projects and activities in the Mother Lode. The archive of past programs is here.
    “On the Street” As heard daily on KVML/KZSQ/KKBN, is a vignette created by the news room discusses ‘hot topics’ on the street.
  • Scanner – We offer a Scanner online with a list of scanner codes for the local area.
  • Streaming – When Tuolumne County Board of Supper visor meetings are in session we broadcast those as well as Tuolumne Utilities District meetings. We link to our YouTube video page as well as to several Webcams including our own on Washington Street.
  • Photos – Our photo gallery now accepts photo submissions from the public. Most of our photos are news related so, if you have a scenery photo around town and you want it posted, share it with us. View our small collection of the city of Sonora here.

Check out and all that it has to offer in the other sections too.