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How To Deal With The Neighbor From Hell!

You spent months finding the perfect little home, you have just moved from Los Angeles and the moving company recently finished delivering your worldly possessions and you’re finally starting to settle in. Then a chainsaw hacking, carving through a tree shreds your peaceful bliss. Oh, didn’t you know? You made the mistake of moving next to the neighbors from hell. These folks are awful. They let their lawn fester with junk, play obnoxiously loud music at random times in the night, never close their blinds while walking around nude, rake leaves into your once-pristine yard and give you a death glare if you mention these problems. But, don’t fear. Selling your new home and re-moving isn’t necessary, just follow these tips on how to deal with these hellish people who dare call themselves your neighbors.

Don’t Get Angry

If you feel like ferociously taking out your lack of sleep on the neighbor because they were blaring K-Pop all night through an open window, here is a tip: don’t. Reacting hastily to any situation, especially tension filled ones, can simply make the problem worse. Do your best to approach your neighbor in a friendly manner. Maybe bring over a case of beer or bottle of wine to break the ice. Let them know in a non-confrontational manner that these issues are bothering you, and give them ideas on how to fix the issue. The second thing is to mention how their behavior negatively affects you, instead of attacking them for sloppy behavior.

If they’re not willing to talk with you, then try to find a neutral mediator to oversee the discussion.

Help Them

Maybe your neighbor isn’t a bad person, but they’re super swamped with a hectic lifestyle and don’t have the time to remove the rusting car parts from their yard. Instead of condemning them, lend a hand. Offer to help pay for a junk removal company to come and haul those eyesores away; the small cost will be worth the peace of mind.

Document Everything

If the neighbor simply refuses to stop the derelict behavior, then the best option might be to bring the problem to the authorities. Be that a home owners association, the police or a lawyer. Before you can successfully do this, you’ll need to accurately document your grievances. Make sure you keep a copy of any noise complaints you might file with the police, photocopy any letters you send (be sure those are signed by you), and take photographs of the property. These will all help your case against this unruly neighbor.