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Tips To Prepare For Your Move

For many people, the thought of getting ready to move can induce stress and anxiety. However, moving doesn t have to be a chaotic, disorganized experience. By planning ahead and following a few simple tips for preparing for your move, you ll find that getting ready to move to your new home isn t as bad as you thought it would be.

  1. Have a Packing Plan

    Even though it may take a little extra time on the front end to organize your moving boxes, you ll be really glad that you did after the fact. By keeping track of what is inside each of your moving boxes, you ll avoid the stress of digging through ten different boxes to find something you need to locate right away.

    Put a moving box in each room of your home when you start packing, and exert every effort to keep items that will go in the same room at your new house boxed together. The more you can group items together in the same way they will need to be unpacked, the less stressful the overall move will be. It s also a good idea to keep a list that details which items are enclosed in each box. The more details you have about what is in each box, the easier your move will be in the long run.

    Make sure that each box is clearly labeled. You can write the room on the outside of the box, or color coordinate each labels. You may want to use a special color or marking on boxes that you know you will need to open and unpack right away.

    Indicate what room the box came from by either writing the room on the outside of the box or by color coordinating your labels. For example, boxes packed with items from the bedroom get a blue label. For boxes you know you will need to open the first day you arrive, such as boxes containing sheets and towels, also mark them with a red label for easy identification.

  2. Don t Procrastinate

    If you wait until the last minute to start packing, you ll find yourself frantically throwing items into boxes and will be exhausted when the actual removalists turn up. It s in your best interest to start packing items you are not currently using several weeks before the day of your actual move. Even if you are hiring movers to handle the actual packing for you, it s a good idea to start early getting your belongings grouped together and ready for packing.

  3. Get Rid of Things You Don t Use

    Start packing the least organized parts of your house first. If you have a room or closet that is a designated junk area, start with that room. Use a discriminating eye when packing these areas, setting aside things you haven t used in a while to sell in a pre moving yard sale or to donate to charity. Continue on with the same mindset as you attack the closets, drawers, and cabinets throughout your home. There is no good reason to pack and move things that no one in your household is likely to ever use again. Keep in mind that you are only wasting time, energy, and likely money if you take things that you aren t ever going to use to your new home with you. Remember the less the removalists have to move the quicker it will be done and the less they will charge you.

by Nick Jones removals, Sydney, Austraila for more then 20 years.