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7 Interior Trends That Are “Out” For 2017

Whether you’re renovating to sell your home or just for your personal pleasure, you always want to make sure your place is in style. And as trends come and go, it’s important to pay attention to the features, finishes and items that will keep your house nicely updated. Not only will this keep you feeling like you have a modern space, but it will also be appealing to buyers should you choose to move.

So if you’ve currently got a few of these things that are “out” for 2017 in your home or were thinking about adding them, well, you might want reconsider.

Barn doors

Barn doors were borne out of necessity, acting as a solution for those with limited space where a traditional door might not be so practical. They were an answer for those who wanted to squeeze a powder room into an inhospitable space or create better flow without a door swinging in the hallway from a laundry room, for example.

But we’ve reached maximum barnage, and, even when they’re not super rustic, the trendiness has outweighed the practicality for most spaces. If you have a real need for pocket doors because of the way your space functions (or not), by all means, go for it. For everyone else, it’s probably best to steer clear.


Is marble really out? Not exactly. The luxury material isn’t going anywhere permanently. But, it is starting to be surpassed by faux versions that look like Carrera marble, with all the elegant veining but without the maintenance horrors. Marble stains and scratches and burns and is completely impractical for a space that gets a lot of use, where there are children, and basically anywhere without a 24-7 kitchen staff cleaning and maintaining and making sure nothing touches the surface.

The good news is that advancements in man-made materials, namely Quartz, have made it possible to deck out your kitchen and use it to actually cook, too. In some cases, it’s hard to tell what’s man-made and what’s the real deal today.


We declared this out last year, but now, Elle Décor want to make really sure it’s gone from your home. “Designers are turning away from the zigzag pattern, they said, adding that this is especially true when only a few colors are involved.

So what should you look to instead? “Say goodbye to soft, gentle curves—funky geometric patterns will rule the roost in 2017,” said “Embrace your memories of high school math with geometric throw pillows, wallpaper, and quirky planters.”


There was a time for paneled walls, and then that time was gone. Same with shiplap. While HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” has made the material a favorite of French Country aficionados, there is such a thing as too much.

“Sorry, Joanna Gaines: After four shiplap-crazy seasons, the trend has to go. If you’ve ever wondered what 2016’s version of tacky wood paneling would be, look no further than this trend that seems to have overtaken TV design shows,” said “Slapped on every wall – regardless of the home’s style – shiplap has long passed ‘quirky and quaint’ and set down anchor at ‘overused.’If your home is a real, live farmhouse, shiplap “is historically accurate and still attractive, if used in moderation,” they said. “But it makes no sense in a Colonial or Tudor – and it’s a pain to tear out.”

Subway tile

Like marble, subway tile may never be officially out? The classic material has been around for more than a century, but the last decade or so has seen such a preponderance of the material, especially in white, that if you add it to your home now, you risk it looking cookie-cutter. If you want your space to look modern and stand out from the crowd, consider something like Moroccan cement tiles or fish scales.

All one style

Is your house all mid-century modern? Did you go crazy with the industrial look? Whatever prevailing style you now find in your home, it might be time to change it up.

Eclectic spaces done right have an interesting, collected look that allows you to mix and match different styles from different eras, layer pattern, texture, and color, and create a look that is elegant, inviting, and interesting. “Sticking to one style in your living room is one way to decorate. But for some, the ideal way to fill a room is with an eclectic mix of furnishings that fit together to create a space that’s wholly unique,” said Apartment Therapy.

Apartment Therapy has a few tips for accomplishing this look. Among them: Create a strong focal point and “commit to a vibe.”

Metal everything

If mixed metals, or metals in one strong hue, have overtaken your home, it’s time to tone it down. Mix in some wood accents to be on trend for 2017.

“We’re moving away from metal and back to an earthier feel,” Erika Dalager of home design startup roOomy told “Wood accents will be everywhere in 2017.”


Written by Jaymi Naciri for Copyright © 2017 Realty Times All Rights Reserved.