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A List Of Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solutions

All homeowners with carpets have undergone some type of stain situation, and the truth of the matter is that carpet stains can be some of the hardest types of messes to really clean up without spending a bunch of money on the expensive professional equipment that many people rely upon for just about every stain. But before you go off spending hundreds of dollars on renting professional carpet cleaning solutions or even hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to come to your house and get the job done for you.

So this article is going to go over a whole bunch of different homemade products that everyone has lying around their houses that can actually help you out with a whole bunch of different carpet cleaning problems, so let’s get right into it and continue talking about some of these really unique and lesser known homemade carpet cleaning solutions.

So the first of the solutions that we are going to talk about is an alcoholic liquid that is in just about every drinker’s home, and that is beer. Beer is actually a really great substance to clean out your carpets when you have a pesky coffee stain or something like that, and all you would have to do it just pour a little bit of beer on the stain and rub it out, and for the most part this should work like a charm. It may take a few attempts but beer works pretty well for even the toughest carpet stains.

The next solution is ammonia. Of course this liquid is really strong and when mixed with something like hot water you will be able to sponge stains out of carpets very carefully, and it should work pretty well as the ammonia will literally eat up the stain in your carpet and make it look new again.

Vinegar is also something that a lot of people know about as a carpet cleaner, and that is mainly because it works so well. Vinegar is known as one of the best homemade carpet cleaning solutions on this entire list, and we know that there are a bunch of different ways that you can utilize vinegar for carpet cleaning, but that’s a whole article in itself, so we will just move on.

This next solution is a lot lesser known and is something that most guys use on a regular basis, and that is shaving cream. Shaving cream is of course a really viscous liquid that is actually really great at cleaning just about everything, and carpets are definitely no exception. When you use shaving cream to clean your carpets you are going to want to blot out the stain with a wet sponge and then squirt some shaving cream on top of the stain before wiping it out with another sponge. It works well on even really tough stains to get out of carpets like grease and oil.

Cornstarch is also a really awesome carpet cleaner that a lot of people don’t know about and by mixing cornstarch with milk you can all of a sudden work out some really pesky stains, even ink stains! You’ll have to let this solution dry on top of the carpet stain for a little while and then vacuum it up, but it works pretty well.

Another odd homemade carpet cleaner is WD-40. Although this is usually used as a lubricant of some sorts it also helps with carpet cleaning when you mix it with some really soapy water and a sponge. It’s a really easy solution for stains that seem impossible to get out, and WD-40 definitely is tough go-getter cleaner.

Also using something like hydrogen peroxide is a really great carpet cleaner as most people can imagine by using it on your own skin cuts and abrasions. Hydrogen peroxide definitely gets down to the core of the carpet stains in the deep fibers of your carpet and that is exactly why it works so well and is so effective as a homemade carpet cleaner.

Also other carpet cleaners that are really useful to know about include house products like baking soda, meat tenderizer, club soda, baby wipes, toothbrushes, dry cleaning liquid and even paint remover. As you can probably imagine all of these home remedies are somewhat self explanatory but they all do really great jobs in their own ways towards getting rid of those really hard to get carpet stains.

So instead of spending a bunch of money on a deep-cleaning, professional carpet cleaning machine you should definitely give some of these homemade solutions a chance because they could not only clean the stain up just as good as the expensive solutions, but they could save you a bunch of money in the process.

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