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5 DIY projects that can’t wait until next year

(BPT) – Are you afraid your chances to complete a DIY project this year are over because colder temperatures are coming? If you are, the good news is there’s no need to worry. You still have plenty of time to tackle that outdoor DIY project and, if you act fast, even enjoy it for a while before colder temperatures finally set in.

Time won’t stand still for you, however, so get started today on any of these five DIY projects and you’ll be able to enjoy your home’s updated outdoor appearance long before cooler temperatures push you inside for good.

Here are five projects you can get started on today:

* Close the cracks. This is a wonderful time to seal cracks in your driveway before temperature fluctuations can make the damage any worse. Start by cleaning the area and then applying the proper sealer. The sealer you choose depends on the size of the cracks. You can use concrete patches or paints, caulk, grout or vinyl patches to seal smaller cracks while larger cracks commonly require a combination of cement and grout. Apply the sealing solution to the crack and then let it dry before smoothing it over.

* Do that deck. Adding a deck to your home has been on your DIY wish list for a while and now’s the time. ProWood Professional Grade treated lumber is perfect for any DIY deck project because it’s easy to work with, durable and is the most affordable option for decking. You can even use it to create railings, stairs and more. Your dream deck is waiting for you and you can learn how to tackle this project at

* Liven up the landscape. Up the curb appeal of your home by adding some new landscape work. Flower boxes or raised planter beds are a great way to introduce new flowers and create spots of color. You can also surround your bushes with new wood shavings or small rocks. And for a simple project that has a big impact, grab the edger and tidy up those boundaries, you’ll be amazed at the results.

* Fortify the fence. Fencing your yard provides security and allows children or pets to play outside without you having to constantly watch them. However, if you find metal fences look too industrial, you’ll want to pursue wood fence options. Budget-friendly ProWood fencing is produced in several styles of convenient, prebuilt panels as well as individual fence pickets. For an even more attractive fence, use ProWood Dura Color. It’s color-treated fencing that retains a natural cedar-tone or redwood-tone color for years. You can learn more at

* Fire up the fun. A backyard fire pit is a great place to congregate and one you’ll enjoy well into the colder season. Adding a fire pit to your home can be as simple or extravagant as you want it to be. If you’re looking for a quick addition, you can purchase a kit at your local home store. More durable, long lasting options will require you to dig a trench and lay gravel before applying pavers. The option you choose should depend on how much you plan to use the pit, the appearance you’re going for and the time/money you have to spend.

Reinventing your outside space with a DIY project is easier than you think and there’s still plenty of time to do it. So what are you waiting for? Grab your tools, gather your plans and get started today because when the cold finally arrives and confines you to looking out your windows, you want the view to be great. To find more amazing DIY projects that can reinvent your outdoor space, visit