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How To Decorate Your Summer Home

Vacation season is quickly approaching and renters will be booking stays in iconic beach destinations along the Florida Panhandle, Myrtle Beach, Cape Cod and Hilton Head Island. But, is your vacation home ready for the busy summer season? If it’s been while since you decorated, consider these tips to update your vacation home.

Decorate With a Theme

According to A Summer Home, vacationers want a rental that’s full of color. Both the paint and furniture should follow a coastal or beachy design scheme so that visitors can feel truly immersed in a restful retreat. So, instead of going with a neutral white or beige, be bold with blue, green, yellow or other brightly-colored walls, furniture and accents. They also recommend hanging large mirrors or paintings on the walls to make a grand statement.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

Your vacation home will likely be a destination for entertaining. Make sure that you’re ready to host overnight guests by incorporating multi-purpose furniture throughout the vacation home. Items like reclining couches, futons and sofa beds can all be used for entertaining during the day and sleeping at night. Look for modern-style sleeper sofas crafted with basket weave fabrics in coastal colors like grays and blues.

If you encounter limited seating space, consider adding a table and chairs to the outdoor deck or patio. This extra seating area will encourage guests to explore the home and mingle with other guests. There will also be less congestion in the living room and kitchen.

Let in Natural Light

Natural light is the best light. When furnishing your vacation home windows, be sure to opt for blinds that serve double duty. The Shade Store offers eco-friendly solar blinds that minimize glare and protect against harmful UV rays. They’re also easy to install and are available in simple, clean styles that can complement your vacation home interior.

Storage containers placed in the entryways or on the porch can help reduce the amount of sand that is tracked into the house. Encourage vacation renters to place their sandy shoes and sandals in the storage bins to keep the inside clean. You could even put your DIY skills to use by creating a fun sign that reads “Park your shoes here.”

It’s also advisable to provide laundry baskets. Place these items in the laundry area and bedrooms to make cleaning up easier when vacationing. A dryer rack is another must-have for a beach home and can be the ideal spot to hang wet swimwear.

The Container Store offers storage solutions for multiple areas of the home, with storage containers, hampers, baskets and drying racks available in all shapes and sizes.

Think Tile

Replacing the carpet in your vacation home with beautiful tile creates a functional and appealing look. Carpet stains easily and can be tough to keep clean. Use tile flooring in your coastal vacation home to save money in the long run—it’s also easy to clean, just sweep up sand or mop up water.

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