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Hot Paint Colors in 2006

Sonora, Ca. This year, hot paint colors for the home are really more warm than they are hot.

According to Darrell Parsons, Paint Manager of JS West Lumber & Ace Hardware in Sonora, coping with stress, natural disasters, the state of the economy and even the political climate will prompt consumers to desire stability and security in 2006. Those factors, combined with an emerging optimism, will lead to the incorporation of warmer, inviting colors into the home.

‘Comfort colors, such as those infused with yellow and tinged with red, will be among the dominating hues,’ says Parsons. ‘We envision 2006 as a year of renewing spirituality, which will foster a fresh look at values and life and, consequently, influence the color selections for our homes.’

Warm, Neutral Colors
Off-whites and neutrals are always popular because they are so easy to use as a backdrop to furniture and art pieces.

‘Ace Paint colors like Sipping Cider and Sahara are yellow infused bronzes that are smashing when combined with green or blue accents,’ says Parsons a 25 year paint professional. ‘Sugar Bowl, a browned red, is perfect for 2006 because it borders on being a neutral color with a wonderfully warm salmon cast.’

Parsons also reveals that blue with an undertone of red is grayed enough to be tranquil, creating a relaxed atmosphere in any home.

Other color duos that will be all the rage this year include browns like a pale yellow-toned beige or red browns combined with pink, blue or salmon. Apple green also is the perfect complement for shades of pink, blue or salmon.

And, Parsons anticipates that olive and retro teal will continue their resurgence in 2006.

Yellow for the Non-Mellow
As for specific rooms, Parsons suggests yellow for consumers that want a sunnier disposition for themselves and their home.

‘Yellow is a cheerful color and works really well in kitchens,’ says Parsons. ‘Combined with white, yellow provides a clean, crisp look that is perfect for one of the most occupied areas of the home.’

In playrooms, yellow combines beautifully with almost any other hue, particularly primary blue or red for the high-energy atmosphere of a kid’s room.

Darrell adds that yellow also combines well with beige, light green, pink or lavender for a softer, more relaxed look in rooms like family rooms or bedrooms.

For further information, call Darrell Parsons, Paint Manager, JS West Lumber & Ace Hardware , at 209-532-7446. For additional tips on painting and selecting colors for the home, visit, JS West Lumber & Ace Hardware, or log on to and click on the Answers@Ace icon.