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Easy Fall Spruce Ups for Your Home

(ARA) – Fall is the time for cleaning up the yard and garden, and sprucing up the inside and outside of your home. That means fall is also the time to deal with that peeling paint in the kitchen or the dated décor in the bathroom. Here are a few high-impact ideas that won’t take more than a weekend to finish, but that offer big rewards.Kitchen: To freshen up this room, consider a new backsplash to add color and pattern. A visit to your local big box retailer or tile store will give you lots of ideas; you can also get tips on how to install the tile. Since most backsplashes cover a small area, the cost of tile is reasonable. . If someone in the family sews, new curtains or a new valance can also add life to the room for very little cash. Another quick fix is to update the hardware on your kitchen cabinets. Again, local stores as well as catalogs and online sources offer a wide selection of handles, door pulls and more that range from whimsical to formal. If you want to go a step further, consider adding a new kitchen sink or faucet.Bathroom: This room gets more wear and tear than any room in the house, so it probably will benefit the most from a little TLC. Once again, start with the basics – does the room need a new coat of paint or fresh wallpaper? Even something as simple as a new set of fluffy towels in a fun color or pattern can make a big difference. If clutter is a problem, get rid of what you can and use wicker baskets or other pretty containers to corral the rest.If the bathroom is looking dated, consider a new faucet. Kohler offers a wide selection of styles and price points to complement any décor. One of the newest styles is the Lyntier, with romantic styling that bridges the gap between modern technology and a timeless look. Available in polished chrome and vibrant brushed nickel, the high-arc spout and traditional styling combine with the quiet, splashless laminar water flow for the perfect pairing of period-inspired design and modern convenience. An added bonus is the faucet’s easy-to-install design, made possible through flexible supply hoses and molded seal plates. The 4-inch model needs only a wrench to install.Living room/family room: If you haven’t painted these high-traffic areas in a few years, now’s the time. Instead of just adding a new coat of eggshell white, choose an updated color that works with your existing furniture. Another easy way to add a splash of color to these rooms is with new accessories, from a beautiful glass bowl to interesting throw pillows. These additions don’t have to cost a lot of money – shop discount stores for pieces that look more expensive than they are.Bedroom: This should be an area where you can go at the end of the day and relax. Have you been sleeping on the same pillows for years? Replace them with the nicest pillows you can afford for a luxurious treat. Other special touches, like a wonderful scented candle, will make this room a true retreat.For more information on Kohler faucets, visit, or call (800) 4-KOHLER.Courtesy of ARA Content