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Winter Home Projects Free Up Summer Time

(ARA) – Many people think of summer as the primary time to tackle household projects. But in reality, many can be completed during the winter months when we are stuck in the house anyway. Free up some time this summer by working on home projects now.

Because winter weather outside can keep you inside, focus your home improvement energy indoors. Making minor additions and updating existing features inside your home can give it a whole new feel. Try some of these home improvement ideas while winter is still here for a fresh outlook once summer arrives:

  1. Paint Walls and Ceilings
    A fresh coat of paint can add an entire new feel to a room at a reasonably low cost. Applying a new coat of your existing color can make your room look neat and clean because it will cover dirt and smudges that inevitably get on walls. For a more commanding change, try an entire new color! Look at the furniture and features of a room and try to pick a color that combines these. Finish with a clean white color on your ceiling for a completely updated look.
  2. Restore Furniture
    Because replacing furniture can be costly, consider updating the pieces you have. Repainting a chest or cabinet can turn something that is outdated into a unique and usable item. Because paint color becomes outdated, as well as gets cracked and chipped, consider refinishing. Because you will be indoors and chemicals can be harsh and difficult to use, invest in a heat gun to easily remove paint without the messy and environmentally hazardous chemicals. Wagner, a paint technology company, makes many heat guns for home projects, including the model HT 3500. The HT3500 features push-button temperature control that allows you to easily set the correct temperature for any household task. In addition, there is a cool-down setting that quickly cools the gun after use and turns if off automatically.
  3. Add Accessories
    Look at replacing the little things to give the inside of your house a whole new feel. Look at lighting. Updating fixtures can add light and design elements to a room. Plug in lamps can also be easily modernized by replacing lamp shades that often go overlooked as they wear or go out of style. Also look at door handles and other hardware on cabinets and furniture. Little updates like changing the handles on your dresser can make a huge difference for a fresh look. If screws, nuts or bolts are rusted or hard to remove, use a heat gun to loosen. Look at windows and make sure panes are clean and dusted. Looking out through clear glass makes your house appear newer. While you’re at it, seal any drafts using a heat gun and plastic film to save money on heat.
  4. Replace Flooring
    If you have a little more money to invest, replacing carpet and flooring is key to updating a home and something that can easily be done during the winter months. Analyze room usage and pick a carpet or flooring that is the most appropriate. For example, opt for shorter carpets or even looped berber for high-traffic areas. Hardwood floors are popular for replacing much of the linoleum flooring common a decade ago. Consider purchasing flooring and installing it yourself to cut the price significantly. Using a heat gun to easily loosen adhesive on old flooring can save time and frustration.

    Looking at improvements to your home’s interior is something that can be done easily during winter. From cabinet handles to carpet, spend the sometimes long hours of winter working on home projects. This will not only add a new updated feel to your home, but also free up time during the busy summer months for additional projectsâ