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The Next Level in Spa Bath Trends

(ARA) – Consumers continue to crave increasingly luxurious home bath experiences. Whether they are refurbishing the bath in preparation for a sale, or feathering a nest they intend to live in for decades to come, homeowners have embraced the concept of spa-like bathrooms.

Now, the trend is leaping to the next level, with homeowners seeking more authentic and luxurious bath products and fixtures to evoke the spa experience. From rainbars comparable to those found in the world’s finest spas to fireclay sinks handmade by storied English artisans, there’s an emphasis on quality and authenticity. Homeowners increasingly recognize that true luxury is best achieved by craftspeople using time-honored techniques to create both classic and contemporary looks.

Fixtures remain a cost-effective way to rejuvenate a bath. Rainfall showerheads, once found only in fine spas, are now a popular way to transform the shower experience. Rainbars, commonly used for water massage and body therapies in spas around the world, now find a place in the home bath.

‘Authenticity further enhances the spa-like quality of the fixtures through simple finishes and elegant, classic lines that flatter a broad spectrum of design styles,’ says Ken Rohl, founder of the ROHL Collection of fine bath fixtures. For example, ROHL’s 26-inch rainbar is a slender, graceful tube, available in several finishes, that mounts on the shower wall to deliver multiple jets of water.

Even faucets are following the trend. Rather than the simple hot and cold controls found in most home baths, homeowners are installing thermostatic shower mixers that provide more delicate control over water temperature. ROHL fixture makers Perrin & Rowe draw on the timeless look of the Edwardian and Georgian eras in Great Britain to turn classic designs of the Gilded Age into functional, traditional fashion statements for the bath.

The demand for hand-crafted, authentic luxury even affects sinks and tubs. ROHL’s Shaws Original fireclay sinks, hand-poured and shaped in Darwen, England since 1897, are popular sellers. ‘Homeowners tell us they not only love the look and quality of ROHL Shaws Collection, they enjoy having a piece of authentic English craftsmanship and sophistication in their homes.’

It’s even possible to have a bathroom sink made from the same organic clay that is used to produce world-famous Limoges ceramics. ROHL Allia sinks are manufactured in Limoges, France using the coveted clay. The resulting product is not only beautiful but ‘green’ as well — the sinks are completely recyclable because of the environmentally friendly manufacturing process and the use of organic clay.

Finally, if you’ve always pictured yourself luxuriating in an old-fashioned claw-foot tub but weren’t into the idea of buying a used one, dream no more. Manufacturers are making new footed tubs in classic designs, like ROHL’s free standing cast iron footed bathtub.

‘Authenticity is the natural progression of the trend towards luxury baths,’ says Rohl. ‘Why settle for rustic Italian style manufactured in Asia, when you can have authentic Italian style crafted by a family that has been in the business for generations?’

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