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Backyard Landscaping Changes ‘Blah’ to ‘Aha’ With Hot Tubs

(ARA) – With the housing market in a slump, more homeowners are putting efforts into smart updates of their current property. For many, this means creating the ultimate relaxation destination right in their backyard. Hot tubs and strategic landscaping improvements are leading the trend as homeowners are changing their simple backyards into peaceful havens their family and friends can enjoy.

If you have been thinking about updating your property, don’t be overwhelmed by the many options available. Customizing your backyard with a hot tub and appropriate landscaping is much easier than you think.

‘The first step in creating your dream backyard is to scout out the best location to place your hot tub. Ponder the view, privacy and ease of access. Keeping your spa just steps from a backdoor to your home is a great convenience on cold evenings,’ advises Erica Moir of Jacuzzi Hot Tubs. ‘But before you settle on a location, take a chair and place it in the spots you are considering. Pre-planning and a touch of creativity are critical to the success of any backyard design project.’

Recently, the two largest manufacturers of acrylic hot tubs sponsored backyard design contests for designers and hot tub installers around the world. You can learn from the experts. Here are some hot tips for landscaping around your hot tub, drawn from the award-winning entries received by Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Sundance Spas:

  1. Mix landscaping elements for visual appeal. Use various types of architectural and landscape materials in interesting ways. Natural stone, brick, block, synthetic or wood decking, waterfalls, fencing, grass and flowering foliage all come together to create a varied and visually stimulating area.

  2. Plants and decor provide privacy. Gazebos, pergolas, screens, shrubs and strategically-placed walls afford modesty and essential privacy for the backyard and hot tub serenity zone. If you are planting trees or shrubs, consider the plant’s eventual maximum size and place accordingly. Surrounding the space with dense plant life creates a cocoon of intimacy. Many people choose evergreen plants because their thick covering lasts through all seasons, including the cold winter months.

  3. Customize for an integrated look.Every backyard is unique and each hot tub installation can be customized to integrate seamlessly into your landscape elements. One popular trend is to recess a portion of the hot tub below ground level. Another customized look is to tuck a hot tub into the side of a slope. The possibilities are endless. Consult a professional hot tub retailer for advice on the particular attributes of your backyard.

  4. Water features create a tranquil environment. Select a hot tub with a built-in waterfall or water feature. These features bring the feeling of peace and serenity to your hot tub experience. Look for models that will run the water feature even when the main hot tub pumps are not on so that you can enjoy the sounds of nature any time.

  5. Lighting effects set the mood. Today’s hot tubs have amazing, energy-efficient, multi-color LED lighting effects both under water and around the exterior. But don’t stop there. Consider the pathway from the house to the hot tub and ensure that you provide adequate lighting for those late night soaks. Lighting is an attractive feature that keeps the area safe and sets the mood and tone of the hot tub experience.

Ready to get started changing your backyard into a spa-like retreat? ‘After you have your plan, it’s very important to take a tape measure, then mark out the space using masking tape or chalk,’ adds Anthony Pasquarelli of Sundance Spas. ‘That’s the only way you’ll be able to see how much room you have for all the elements you want to include.’

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