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Windows 7

Question: I have Windows 7. Where is my email client?

Answer: Microsoft has decided not to include any email client in Windows 7. Instead the offers a free download from their website, From their you can download the Windows Live Essentials Installer. The installer allows you to pick and choose which features you would like to install. The features include Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger), Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, and Windows Live Mail. Select the feature you wish to install along with WLM and continue with the setup. The installer will download and install the selected programs. After the install is complete, it will not automatically open mail or create a desktop icon. To open the WLM go the Start Menu > All Programs > Window Live > Windows Live Mail. At this point you may want to right click on the WLM icon and choose to Pin to Taskbar, or Pin to Start Menu. This way you can easily open WLM in the future. Once you open it for the first time it will start the mail account setup process, which is basically the same as Outlook Express or Windows Mail.

Written By Cooper Self
Mother Lode Internet
Technical Support Team

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