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Steps to keep your home computer safe

Question: What steps do you personally take to keep your computer at home safe?


  1. I do all the updates. Then I am always sure what stage and update has been completed and there is little room for error.
  2. I update Microsoft instead of just Windows. Microsoft Update covers important programs that I use including MS Word along with my Windows Operating System. You can find more information about Microsoft updates at:
  3. I update Java. Java is software that allows you to view web pages, play games, view images and much more. Many Trojans can infect your computer through exploits in Java. You can find out more at:
  4. I keep an up to date antivirus program. I have been using Avast Antivirus for around 3 years now. I really like the protection, its free and it barley uses any RAM. You can find more information at:
  5. The most important thing I do is research. If a new program that interests me or there is a new update, I research it before I install it. I want to find out if it is a good thing or a bad thing.

Written By Aubrey Grissom
Mother Lode Internet
Technical Support Team

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