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Moving e-mails from an old computer to a new one

Question: I have a new computer but would like to get my e-mails off my old computer. How do I do this?

Answer: This depends on the program that you were using for e-mail. Probably the most basic and simplest way to do this is to simply forward a copy of the message to yourself and then retrieve the mail on your new computer. You can also import the messages by copying the message database files from your old computer to your new one. Each e-mail client will likely have a different name for such files, but usually if you perform a search on your computer for all files named ‘Inbox’ it should produce the database containing your e-mails. You would then move that file to your new computer and import the messages through the e-mail program. Another option is to take the hard drive out of the old computer and add it the new one as additional storage. Since all of your old data is still on the old drive you can import messages or transfer any other data that you value.

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