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Will adding more memory make my system run faster?

Question: I have been told that if I add more memory to my system it will run faster, is this true?

Answer: RAM or “Random Access Memory” is one of the fundamental components of any computer system. It provides the main working area for manipulating and displaying data. Most operating systems occupy a portion of the main memory to perform basic and necessary system functions. The remaining space may then be used by other applications. If a system is low on memory, operations can be greatly slowed down or even come to a halt. Every program will recommend a minimum amount of RAM so that it can run properly. The best way to decide how much memory you need is to determine what your uses for the computer are going to be and what programs you expect to run. However, as needs change and programs become more sophisticated, you may find that you need to add memory. Most systems do allow for an upgrade in this area. You must first determine what type of RAM your motherboard uses and also make sure it is compatible with the other components. Generally speaking, it is preferable for all your memory modules to be identical but this doesn’t necessarily preclude different brands or even speeds from working together. Memory is available in different speeds. While having more memory can improve the speed as well as the number of programs you can run simultaneously, it won’t necessarily improve the rate at which data is accessed. And as you would expect, the faster the memory, the more expensive it is. Moreover, in older systems, the speed of the memory can be greatly limited by the capabilities of the CPU. Therefore, before any purchase or upgrades are actually done, take your computer to an experienced tech and have them evaluate the best way to improve your computers performance.

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