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Search For Missing Nevada Woman To Continue

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Sonora, CA — Now that the weather is getting better, the Tuolumne County Sheriff´s Department plans to re-visit the disappearance of a Hawthorne Nevada woman.

Nita Mayo left her home around 10:00am on Monday, August 8, 2005, telling friends she was en-route to a “village” on the west side of the Sonora Pass. On Wednesday August 10th her vehicle was found abandoned at the Donnell Vista Point on Hwy 108, just west of Dardanell´s Resort, 40 miles east of Sonora.

Since that time there have been extensive searches by several different search teams and units, none have turned up anything of any significance relating to her disappearance.

Investigators from the TCSD are continuing to follow leads, but those leads are drying up and coming in fewer and farer in between. The TCSD is asking for help in this continuing investigation. They believe there were more people at the Donnell Vista Point between Monday August 8th and Wednesday August 10th, 2005, than they have identified and spoken with to date.

As we enter the spring and summer months, and with family and friends still desperately trying to find out what happened to Mayo, the Sheriff´s Department will be getting an influx of hunters, hikers, fishermen and boaters visiting the area.

With the severe weather we´ve had this winter and the changing of the climate, ground, and forest, environmental conditions will be different than they were when the search began, and something may be visible now that wasn´t before that could help lead to Mayo´s location.

Mayo is described as a resident alien from England who speaks with an English accent. She is a white female adult, 5´2″, 140 pounds, with brown eyes, short curly grayish brown hair and a fair complexion. She is 65 years old.

Written by Sabrina Sabbagh