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Statewide Poll Indicates Pessimism About California’s Future

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The Public Policy Institute of California has released a new poll focused on issues related to the state government, the Presidential race and disaster preparedness.

Asked about the current direction of the state, 46-percent say it is moving in the right direction, 48-percent say the wrong direction and 6-percent do not know. Regarding economic conditions projected over the next 12 months, 50-percent feel there are bad times on the horizon, 41-percent feel there will be good times, and 10-percent do not know.

44-percent approve of the job performance of Governor Gavin Newsom and 32-percent disapprove. 30-percent approve of the performance of President Donald Trump and 66-percent disapprove.

On the Democrats presidential primary, 23-percent support Elizabeth Warren, 22-percent Joe Biden, 21-percent Bernie Sanders and 8-percent Kamala Harris.

Asked if there is an anticipation that a natural disaster will impact your life over the next year, whether it be fire, flood or earthquake, 28-percent are very worried, 32-percent are somewhat worried, 28-percent are not too worried, 11-percent are not at all worried and one percent do not know.

On the issue of gun laws, 68-percent would like to see more strict rules, 10-percent less strict, 19-percent prefer keeping them the same and three percent do not know.