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Assembly Fails To Pass “Early Release” Legislation

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Sacramento, CA — It was a week ago today the Senate passed its form of “early prisoner release” legislation but the Assembly has yet to follow suit.

According to Assemblyman Tom Berryhill, “We didn’t think they were going to get it (the legislation) out of the Senate but they did. They gave us some time and a number of us have some very good relationships with those people on the other side of the aisle. We started working all the moderate Democrats. All of them are running for office and we really leveraged them and really scared them about this early release program. By the time they got organized and got something together in the Assembly it (potential legislation) was dead on arrival.

I think we’ll revisit this early prisoner release issue. They’ll tweak this a hundred different way and try and spin it pretty but as of right now they just don’t have the votes for the Democrats for early release as well there shouldn’t be.” 

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