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Radanovich Testifies At Hearing On California Drought

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Washington, DC — Congressman George Radanovich told the House Natural Resources Committee in Washington, DC that the Delta pumps need to start sending more water out to California residents.

“The federal government must stop passing laws and developing regulations that place the value of species above the value of people,” says Radanovich. “The statements we make, through laws and regulations must convey the message that the lives of our constituents, their children and their livelihoods are more valuable than a three inch economically inconsequential fish.”

Radanovich is referring to the Delta Smelt. The endangered fish has limited the amount of water California is allowed to pump through the Delta.

“The draconian regulations that turn simple fish into the worshipped gods of the environmental community and ignore the inalienable rights of people have led us to conclude that government does not work for us anymore,” added Radanovich. “We need government to protect the safety and happiness of people, not fish.”

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