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Cogdill Comments On New Budget

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Sacramento, CA — State Senator Dave Cogdill issued the following statement this morning before heading home to Modesto for some rest after being "on duty" for six consecutive nights.

"My first priority is, and always has been, serving the great people in my district and acting in their best interest. There’s no question that this vote has been the hardest decision of my political career, but we’re sent here to do our job, stand up for what we believe in and make the right decisions."

"If Republican votes alone could deliver a budget, there’s no doubt this solution would look different. However this budget compromise recognizes the political realities that we face. In addition, it delivers on the permanent reforms that Republicans have sought for more than a year; getting more Californians to work, giving schools the tools they need to direct more resources to the classroom and preventing future deficits with a spending limit and rainy day fund."

"We are in a crisis. Never before has California faced a budget hole this large. That’s why it is critical that the state responds to this fiscal disaster as swiftly as we would an earthquake or wildfire. It’s not a perfect budget but we are out of time, options and cash. This sensible compromise does what it takes to move California forward so we can address the other pressing issues of our state."

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