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County Administrators Await Details On State Budget

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Sonora, CA — The County Administrators in Tuolumne and Calaveras will learn more about the newly approved state budget and its possible effects in the coming weeks.

“I’m glad that they have taken action because now we at least know what direction we are headed,” says Tuolumne CAO Craig Pedro. “I’m going to fall short of an endorsement, because there are a lot of things to not like in the budget.”

Robert Lawton - Calaveras County Administrative Officer (1/22/08)

Pedro says he will be receiving more information in the coming days to learn exactly how it will affect Tuolumne County.

“The good news is that there is news,” says Calaveras CAO Bob Lawton. “But we still don’t have details about the reductions coming in spending.”

Lawton adds that he is pleased that a proposed seven month deferral of county payments has now vaporized with the passage of the budget that will be signed tomorrow by the Governor.

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