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A Surprise Retirement

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Sonora, CA — The City of Sonora is officially in the search for a new Administrator.

Monday evening at the City Council meeting it was announced that Greg Applegate will be retiring from the position he has held for the past 20 years. The 53 year old Applegate was hired in December, 1989 and came on staff in January, 1990.

Why retire? “After 30 years in local government I think it’s time for me to get a new chapter in life. I have a couple of ambitions that I would like to carry out. I’d like to do some things that will be hopefully, after getting out of local government, be less stressful and be able to enjoy my family more and yet continue to work and enjoy life.”

And what about the dealing with the continuing budget crisis and fiscal mismanagement in Sacramento? “Well I think I would be kidding myself if I said it didn’t have an effect. It absolutely has an effect and I think at this time with our city finances and such we’ve been able to keep our head above water but I think it would be time for a new person to come in and maybe look at things in a little different view and continue the battles that are going to ensue with the state of California budget deficit so I think this will be a good opportunity for a transition … get some new blood in here with some new thoughts and ideas and be able to carry on the work. They will have a great staff, a great Council and policy makers to work with.”

As for Applegate’s future he says he would very like to teach on the college level given his many years of local government experience.

Regarding his residency, the Sacramento State University graduate says he and his wife Deb will take a day at a time but they do have their family and grandchildren here in the Sonora area. “We’re just going to take each day for each day.”

At the present time Applegate is planning on Tuesday, August 24 as his last day on the job.

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