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Health Department Issues Rabies Prevention Recommendations

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San Andreas, CA– The Calaveras County Health Department has issued recommendations to prevent rabies exposure.

This action comes in response to a bat found last week in the Valley Springs area testing positive for the rabies virus.  Calaveras County Health Officer Dr. Dean Kelaita says there are many things the public can do to prevent rabies.

“Reduce your exposure to wildlife in general,” said Kelaita. “Don’t pick up sick animals, limit your exposure to bats or skunks or other wild carnivores in our area, and ensure that your pets are vaccinated against rabies. Dogs should be vaccinated against rabies every three years and cats every year.”

Kelaita says rabies is present in many California counties, including Calaveras. Most rabies occurs in skunks, bats and raccoons. The most common source of human rabies in the U.S is from bats.

“There’s been no human cases in Calaveras County, and there’s about one or two cases of human rabies that occur in the United States each year,” said Kelaita. “Human rabies infection is very rare, but the consequences are dire, and reducing our risk and preventing rabies is something that people should be conscience of and do every day.”

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