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Miss Calaveras 2000 Witnesses Royal Wedding

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Calaveras County native and Miss Calaveras 2000, Jessica Bowman, has lived in London, England for the past five years and watched the new Royal couple slowly go past her earlier today.

Bowman was Friday’s KVML “Newsmaker of the Day”.

“Kate was absolutely ravishing” Bowman said with her newly aquired British accent, “such a gorgeous girl.”

According to Bowman, the entire of city of London came to a standstill and millions of people, from around the world, were in town to witness the historic procession for themselves.

Bowman continued, “Everyone was smiling and I’ve never seen crowds like this in my life. People were holding flags and breaking into songs. English pride was amazing today.”

“Security was quite evident as well, but we never felt threatened. The sound of the loud bells filled the air and simply overwhelmed large portions of the crowd. It was quite an emotional, beautiful day here in the U.K.”

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Written by mark@mlode.com