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Hitting Too Close To Home

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Tuolumne County, CA — A door to door scam is being reported to Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Officials.

The swindlers are trying to solicit money from residents, according to sheriff’s official, who report numerous calls to dispatch from the public. Some are reported to be very aggressive magazine sellers, claiming to be raising money for a trip or for charity, authorities say it is nothing more than a sales scheme.

This week deputies details that a woman named Sierra Corbin was in the area of Crystal Falls Market in Sonora going door to door requesting money. She received a citation and was ordered to cease all solicitation. Sheriff’s officials warn that Corbin is one of at least five people believed to be in the area running this scam. They advise if a salesperson comes knocking:

  • Ask for their ID and permit.
  • Purchase decisions do not need to be made immediately so get the information, research the company and call directly to determine if it is a legitimate business.
  • As always you have the option to simply not open your door to unknown persons.
  • Always report suspicious persons and vehicles in your neighborhood to law enforcement.
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