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PAWS Celebrates Bears

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San Andreas, CA – This past weekend, many celebrated the magnificence of bears.

This past Saturday (3/23) was World Bear Day, and the Performing Animal Welfare Society, or PAWS, in San Andreas, wanted to shine a light on these magnificent animals while also raising awareness against their exploitation.

“In the U.S., about 1,000 bears are found in circuses, traveling acts, and dismal roadside attractions. Some exhibitors charge people to hold and take photos with baby bears who have been forcibly separated from their distraught mothers,” stated sanctuary officials, adding, “Bears acquired as “pets” face a lifetime of misery in backyard cages.”

Bears are known for their high intelligence, strength, and ability to occupy 50 square miles or more as home ranges.  Their days are spent in constant motion as they search for food, explore their surroundings, and rear their young, according to sanctuary officials.

Extra attention was given on Saturday to, Ben and Mack, the two bears living at the sanctuary on their honorary day.  Ben, pictured in the image box, had been confined to a small, barren cage at a roadside zoo until he was rescued.

“With no chance to engage in natural bear behaviors, he spent his days pacing back and forth in distress,” shared sanctuary officials. Now, his days are spent in spacious surroundings, digging into logs for tasty grubs and termites.

Mack explores his spacious surroundings at PAWS
Mack explores his spacious surroundings at PAWS

Mack (pictured here), a wild bear orphaned at a young age,  began begging for food from people, forcing state officials to capture him.

“Despite missing part of his right rear leg from birth, this energetic bear excels at climbing,” reveal PAWS officials. “He also loves to splash in his pool and forage for nutritious foods left for him by his caregivers.”

PAWS invites people to view the “Take the Pledge for Bears” page for information on captive bears and learn how to help not only on World Bear Day but beyond. There is also a petition to end cub-petting operations that profit from exploiting baby bears that can be signed. Click here for details.