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Spring Brings Many Beautiful Blooms, Some Dangerous To Cats

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Jamestown, CA – Spring has arrived and Tuolumne County Animal Control officials give this warning to cat owners before the Easter holiday.

Just as there are warnings during Christmas to keep pets away from poinsettias as they can cause gastrointestinal issues such as vomiting if ingested by your cat, Easter is also a potential problem for cat owners. Easter lilies can be deadly, especially to kittens, as eating less than one leaf or flower can cause kidney failure in felines.

8 plants that are toxic to cats
8 plants that are toxic to cats

Cats can also be poisoned by their grooming habits or by licking their fur. Animal control officials say the pollen they ingest could be poisonous. may cause gastrointestinal issues, such as vomiting, if ingested by your cat. They add, “Always research flowers and dangers with felines before introducing them into your household.”

Contact your veterinarian if your cat experiences persistent vomiting after ingesting plants. Here is a list of the eight most toxic plants for cats. Click here for a complete list to learn more about these plants from the ASPCA