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Concrete Plans In Columbia, Phoenix Lake Golf Course Overhaul, and Groveland Resort

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Sonora, CA — In Tuolumne County, there are several high-profile projects either in the early environmental review process or the final stage and getting ready to open.

Mother Lode Views over the weekend featured Tuolumne County Community Development Director Quincy Yaley. In addition to providing a detailed update on efforts to revise the Title 17 zoning ordinance (to streamline the review process), she spoke about several of the recent high-profile projects that have garnered some community interest and feedback.

Yaley said, “We have an application for a small concrete batch plant in Columbia. It is in the Springfield Road and Highway 49 area. We have received some concerns from residents about potential impacts.”

She stressed that the county appreciates any and all feedback, but she wants everyone to know there are plans in the works for a community meeting/listening session to be held in April where residents can learn more and voice any concerns. She concluded, “Stay tuned, we will be sure to publicize it (date and location).”

Wine enthusiasts will take an interest in a project planned for the Phoenix Lake Estates.

Yaley says, “We have a project right now that would take the Phoenix Lake Golf Course, which has been closed for a number of years (since 2019), and change it from a golf course to a vineyard. And then, to take the old pro shop there, and turn it into a tasting room. It is going through the environmental review process.”

Some technical studies still need to be completed. Yaley adds, “It is an area that is rich with cultural resources and it is important that the project moving forward is respectful of those. Also, we are looking at traffic, which is another concern that the community has raised.  We want to make sure that we research those traffic impacts and mitigate them if necessary.”

Further along in the process is a resort project that will soon open outside of Groveland. The Firefall Ranch Yosemite is situated at Highway 120 and Smith Station Road. Yaley says it is getting ready for final building inspections ahead of opening in late Spring.  It includes amenities like cottages, villas, a pool area, a restaurant, a wine room, and an event center.

Firefall Ranch Yosemite has started taking reservations for May and beyond.

The full Mother Lode Views show with Yaley can be found here. The first 2/3 of the show focuses on Title 17 and the final segment is on other projects.