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Sonora Pickleball Court Plan Gains More Momentum

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Sonora, CA — The Sonora City Council took steps to move an overhaul of a local park forward.

The city was awarded $168,000 in Proposition 68 state grant money to make improvements to Woods Creek Park. One of the planned updates is the addition of a basketball court in an area just outside the outfield fences of the baseball field. New Sonora Community Development Director Tyler Summersett told the council that while he was leading the local Blue Zones project, a common question he received was whether it was possible to have more pickleball options, as it is the fastest-growing sport in the country over recent years. He said it also is a good fit for Sonora’s demographics.

Councilwoman Ann Segerstrom commented, “This will bring new people to the park, and seems like a good idea to me.”

The council collectively verbally supported the idea. Specifics, like the types of nets, and whether a basketball hoop will still be a part of the project as a joint-use space (with pickleball), will be decided in the future. Councilmember Andy Merrill added that he would like to see both of the sports incorporated (though you can only play one at a given time). The lines painted would likely just be for the pickleball court, instead of basketball, to avoid confusion.

The council voted 4-0 on Tuesday evening to file a deed restriction for Woods Creek Park (a requirement for the grant money – stating the city will essentially not sell the park in the next 25 years). In addition, the city is requesting an extension past the current date of this June to complete the improvements.