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Bone Fire Being Handled Successfully

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Groveland, CA– The Bone Lightning Fire, which started on June 15, continues to be managed effectively by fire officials. The fire, ignited naturally by lightning, has remained within the predetermined boundaries set for the prescribed burn.

Today, crews made significant headway in their firing operations, building upon the progress achieved in previous days. Before initiating ignitions, checks were conducted to ensure the existing fire perimeter boundaries were intact and secure. With the confirmed holding of the boundaries, crews proceeded with burning operations, moving in a southerly direction from the ridge top at 2N05A down to 3N01. The 3N01 road serves as the control line for the western perimeter of the Bone Lightning Fire, ensuring containment.

In addition to perimeter operations, crews focused on the interior of the fire, targeting an area spanning approximately 100-150 acres. This specific region comprises standing dead trees, known as snags, that were burned during the 2013 Rim Fire. Over time, thickets of white thorn vegetation have grown amidst the snags. To address this situation, controlled burns are being employed as the most effective treatment method. Due to the nature of the fuel, consisting of dead-standing trees and brush, increased smoke may have been visible from various locations today.