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Calaveras Sheriff’s Office Details Water Rescues

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Calaveras, CA– On New Year’s Eve, the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office Volunteer Search and Rescue Team was activated to respond to an emergency situation involving a motorist stranded in rapidly-moving floodwaters on Jesus Maria Rd in Mokelumne Hill. The driver had driven past warning barriers into swift-moving floodwater and the vehicle became inoperative due to the floodwaters. Deputies arrived on the scene before Search and Rescue and located the 5 people inside the vehicle. The vehicle occupants were able to exit and make it safely to shore where they were assisted by medical and fire personnel.

The team was then deployed to the Castle Rock Mobile Home Park in Valley Springs to assist in the evacuation of persons impacted by the rising floodwaters. After the rescues had been made, the team returned to Jesus Maria Road to help another driver who had been stranded in the rapidly-moving waters. Rescue personnel arrived on the scene to find a male who was on the roof of his vehicle. Two Swift Water/Flood experts were able to swim across to reach the victim and were then able to transport him safely to shore with the assistance of the Calaveras Consolidated inflatable rescue vessel

Deputies on the scene warned yet another driver who had disregarded the road closure signs and driven his vehicle to the edge of the flood who was turned away quickly by authorities at the scene. The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office reminds drivers to never drive past road closure signs, as the conditions may be far worse than they appear.