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AAA Details Upcoming Holiday Travel Spike

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Sonora, CA — Today is anticipated to be one of the heaviest travel days of the year.

AAA projects that 15 million Californians will pack their bags and take a trip over 50 miles between today and January 2, which would be 3.7-percent increase from 2021.

Brian Ng, of AAA Northern California, adds, “With Christmas and New Year’s Day falling on a Sunday, heavier traffic can be expected through the end of the year.”

AAA says people can anticipate 25-percent longer travel times, than average, during this period.

The Friday before Christmas (today) and December 27-28 are predicted to be the busiest days both on the roads and in airports.

Gas prices have fallen in the months leading up to the holiday. Locally, they range from $3.69 to $4.49, according to the gas price section.