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New Data Details How Much Local Government Leaders Make

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Sonora, CA — The State of California has released updated data regarding how much local county, city, and special district employees are paid.

State Controller Betty Yee releases the data to ensure there is transparency in communities up and down the state regarding how much taxpayer-funded positions are paid. The state data only lists positions, and not names, but most are easy to identify because they are high-profile government leaders.  Government entities report the data voluntarily.

For example, in Tuolumne County, the highest paid earner, with total wages of $230,487, is the county administrator, a position held by Tracie Riggs. She is followed by Assistant County Administrator Eric Erhardt with $213,130, and County Clerk-Auditor Controller Debi Bautista is at $206,353.

In Calaveras County, the top three earners are a pair of sergeants, and a corporal, with the sheriff’s office, making upwards of $244,000, $217,000, and $215,000. They are followed by the CAO making $210,087.

In Sonora, Police Chief Turu VanderWiel is the top earner when it comes to total wages, at $180,387, followed by Fire Chief Aimee New at $144,281. The City Administrator is fourth at $138,500.

In Angels Camp, the City Administrator is the top earner at $194,957, followed by a sergeant with the police department making $125,403.

The state data also includes TUD, Groveland Community Services District, ATCAA, Tuolumne County Transportation Council, superior courts, and various others. You can use the state reporting system to look up total wages, along with other health and retirement benefits received, from the various government-funded positions, by clicking here.

Total wages include how much was paid by an employer over a 12-month period and takes into account any extra revenue like overtime, bonuses and other allowances.