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Warm Weather Trending Near Record Temperatures

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Sonora, CA —  While the Mother Lode is certainly enjoying this season’s above-normal rainfall to-date, it may, while basking in this warm break, feel some near record-breaking warmth tomorrow.

Climatologists are forecasting temperatures in the low to mid 70s, Fahrenheit, for Tuesday. So far, tomorrow looks to be the warmest day of the week through Sunday, Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day. In Sonora, for Feb. 9, the highest recorded temperature, according to Intellicast, is 72 degrees, set back in 1991. For San Andreas, the highest temperature recorded for the date is 76 degrees, a record made in 1951. While it may not get quite warm enough to notch a record in San Andreas, it is quite possible Sonora could tie or break the existing high temperature mark for the day.

According to Intellicast weather data, record-breaking daily temperatures in Sonora for Feb. 8 through 14 – this week’s dates — run from 72 to 78 degrees. On Feb. 8 back in 1963 the mercury hit 78 degrees, the highest recorded yet for this day. The coldest it has been in Sonora on this date is 19 degrees –that temperature, representing a nearly 60-degree difference from the high — was recorded in 1989. Sonora achieved its record high average temperature for the month of February, 78 degrees, back in 1977. By the way, the average high temperature in Sonora for February is 58 degrees; the low, 34 degrees.

In San Andreas, record-breaking high temperatures for the dates Feb. 8 through 14 run from 71 to 79 degrees. The highest temperature for Feb. 8, 75 degrees, hit in 1963; the coldest, 21 degrees, in 1989. The warmest February on record for San Andreas is 80 degrees, felt back in 1977, the same year Sonora marked its warmest February. The lowest coldest average low temperature recorded for the month, 17 degrees, occurred in 1990. In San Andreas, the average high and low temperatures for February are 63 and 37 degrees.