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T.U.D. Approves New Taps

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Sonora, CA — Due to failing wells some Jamestown residents will begin getting their water from T.U.D.

The T.U.D. Board of Directors approved funding through the state Public Water Systems Drought Emergency Response Program for the construction of a Jamestown waterline extension in the area of Campo Seco and Algerine roads.  T.U.D. officials report the project will involve installing 1,375 linear feet of eight-inch diameter water main pipe, along with four fire hydrants, and 11 water service connectors, at an estimated construction cost of $188,000.  The total cost of the project, which includes related connection fees expects to run about $280,000. It is estimated that more than $48,000 in costs will not covered by the state, leaving the 11 new customers to split the balance, paying roughly $4,500 each. Board member Kent Johnson required this stipulation before giving his go-ahead vote.   “I don’t like the idea of us entering into an agreement without having all costs fully covered, property owners knowing the $5,000 is only a down payment, and if we have costs overruns, they are on the hook, not T.U.D..  This  board represents all our customers, none of our customers currently should be on the hook for paying for new customers,” Johnson stated.

The board agreed to Johnson’s stipulation with four voting in favor of approving the funding; board member Jim Grinnell abstained from acting on the resolution, as he did not hear the full board discussion on the issue.

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