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Votes Counted or Not?

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Sonora, CA — All the votes have been tallied for Tuolumne County races and there is little change in the outcome.  The winners in the too close to call City Council race did not change. Grabbing the top two spots are George Segarini with 362 votes and Jim Garaventa with 359. What has changed with the counting of the 190 provisional ballots is that incumbent Matt Hawkins has taken over the third spot with 351 votes versus Mark Ferreira’s 346. Voters were able to vote for two candidates in the race. However, election officials say the outcome could have changed dramatically if all those who voted cast all their votes.

Auditor-Controller Debi Bautista explains, “What should really be noted is that there were 472 votes, and that could be one person didn’t vote for either candidate that they could have or that they only voted for one. But think about it, 472 that could have changed this outcome if the people would have voted.”

Bautista says that is why especially at the local level, every vote counts. Bautista says any of the candidates could call for a recount, but that is unlikely with the small number of votes and margin of error being so slim. She hopes to have the elections certified on Monday.

In addition, Calaveras County election officials have finished counting the 233 provisional ballots there.  It has not resulted in any changes in the races there.

  • Jim Garaventa