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A Reprieve For Lawns

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Sonora, CA — T.U.D. customers will be able to water outdoors once again as long as they reduce overall water usage by at least 25%. The board voted at its meeting yesterday to allow watering of lawns, on General Manager Tom Scesa’s recommendation.

Scesa told the board, “It really comes down to do we think we have enough water to get by? Do I think we have enough water that I can keep things from dying completely? Yes I do.”

Scesa suggested a two times a week, 10 minute watering schedule, for odd and even addresses. Board Member Ruanne Mikkelsen suggested leaving it up to customers as to where and how they conserve water. She said, “All we’re doing is saying we’re not going to ‘Nannygate’ our community. We’re not going to tell our community, ‘you can water the hydrangeas, but you cannot water the lawn. That’s kind of silly.”

Four members voted in favor of lawn watering with Board Member Kent Johnson abstaining, saying he wanted to have all the facts on the water supply before making a decision.