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Twain Harte Lake Temporarily Closed After Sewer Line Leak

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Twain Harte, CA – Twain Harte Lake has been temporarily shut down after a sewer line leak that sent wastewater into a nearby creek that drains into the lake.

After receiving calls from nearby residents regarding a possible sewage spill into the lake, Clarke Broadcasting made inquiries to Twain Harte Community Services District General Manager Tom Trott.  He responded in a written press release confirming that one of the district’s sewer lines “experienced a blockage” on Wednesday, resulting in a spill that reached Twain Harte Creek.

Trott detailed that the sewer line runs behind homes along Twain Harte Drive, and it was a resident who reported the blockage.  He recounted, “District operators arrived on scene shortly thereafter and were able to quickly contain the spill and clear the blockage, which was caused by a combination of roots, grease, swiffers and “flushable” wipes.” Trott added that an estimated 1,380 gallons of wastewater reached the creek, which flows into the 40-million-gallon lake. The district, “as a precautionary measure,” and while waiting for water quality testing results, has temporarily closed the entire lake and a section of the creek, from the lake to 1,000 feet upstream, to the public.

The water samples will be checked to assess potential contamination levels and could take up to 2-4 days to process. Two consecutive clean samples are required by the county environmental health department before the waters can be declared safe for public contact, instructs Trott. He added, “With the district taking up to two water quality samples per day, the hope is that Twain Harte Lake and creek can be declared safe for contact by Monday.”