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Pine Mountain Lake, CA — As flames spread so do the evacuations. The Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office has ordered a mandatory evacuation of Unit 12 of Pine Mountain Lake. That includes Hillcroft Drive, Yorkshire Road, Lake Spur, Clements Road, Cliffton Way, Neil Court, Hemlock Street, Woodside Way, Owl Court, Iris Court, Jimmersail Lane and Beaver Court. Jeanne Hastings lives on Clements Road and evacuated Thursday afternoon after she saw flames shoot 200 feet in the air and heading her way.

“It jumped the river and started coming up our side of the canyon. The planes were bombing between us and our neighbors and then us and the river. That’s when the firemen came in and told us we had to get out. My husband didn’t want to go and the deputies said he had to leave. I had to leave my chickens and cats, but the firemen I hope will save them,” says Hastings.

The rest of Pine Mountain Lake remains under an advisory evacuation notice. Lisa Pennel lives just north of Pine Mountain Lake on north Ferretti Road she is staying in her home because she doesn’t want to leave her pets, but she may be forced to evacuate.

“There has been a lot of activity. We’ve seen well over 20 trucks go by our house. I’ve watched various CHP and police cars rush down the street. It’s getting a little nerve racking on this end. I know the fires still not up to our door, but because we’re kind of backed up against some ranch properties it’s a little scary,” says Pennel.

The only shelter open is at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds in Sonora. Red Cross officials tell us they have seen a stream of people coming in since the Pine Mountain Lake evacuations started. At about 8pm on Thursday, they had 90 people registered and anticipate more to come through the doors. They say many people came with their pets in hand.

Also, Thursday afternoon Sherriff’s deputies began notifying many ranchers outside of Tuolumne City that it would be beneficial to start moving livestock in the event that an evacuation notice is issued.

If you need help to move your animals, Tuolumne County Animal Control is kenneling pets. They can coordinate places for livestock to go. You can call them at 209-694-2730. Also, the Sherriff’s Posse Fairgrounds are taking in horses. You will need to bring your own water bucket and feed. Temporary pens can be hooked up to the arena as well. You can call 209-532-8269 or 209-559-1323.

On a separate note: Both Summerville Elementary and High School Districts will be closed Friday due to the smoke.

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